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Seven women tell
how they choose men
who are dangerously 

wrong for them.

Includes discussion questions.

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                   A Romance Mystery. 

        Xavier wants to rekindle his relationship with Jewel.  She doesn't know about his hidden past or the dangerous people in his life.

A fast-paced, page turner right up to the "deadly" end.


       $15.00 (B)

Pocketbook Treasure Books provides  entertaining & insightful mainstream topics at cost effective prices for a community of readers who love to go to the next  page.


We do local private party Book Bash events, book and vendor fairs. 

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Topics  here are not often talked about. Honest & revealing. A book the public has been waiting for.

Kenya has the clothes, the car, and the co-op, but she doesn't have a love life, and she desperately wants one. She meets Zachary. Only, he's not the man Kenya thinks he is.

A page-turner that  will keep you on the edge of your seat.